ilustracja, fioletowe tło, rudy mężczyzna w czerwonej koszulce jedzie na rowerze, ciągnie za sobą balony z emoji

FIT-style content – how to influence consumer emotions

The trend of being fit has already flooded every medium, constantly increasing its target audience. There is no denying that the Internet is the undisputed leader in the amount of information about being fit.
Published 05/04/2022

Especially social media, which has become the second home for all trainers, influencers and brands that sell their fit content, thus acquiring several hundred new customers with each post. What is this phenomenon about?


The concept of wellness (a state of healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that brings about a feeling of general well-being) is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In times of intensive lifestyle, both professional and private, we are more and more often looking for a solution that will allow us to feel healthy, happy and attractive. We’re scouring the Internet, which is abundant with fit content. Research includes forums, websites, social media, everything that catches our eye thanks to relevant keywords entered in Google search engine, which happily lists in the first place sponsored results of various brands.

  • mężczyzna z brodą w czerwonej czapce stoi tyłem, jest za aparatem foto, robi zdjęcie wysportowanej dziewczynie); mężczyzna z brodą w czerwonej czapce stoi tyłem, jest za aparatem foto, robi zdjęcie wysportowanej dziewczynie);


FIT-style content has the strongest impact on consumer emotions. Are you wondering how? By looking at photos of beautiful figures who have undergone a metamorphosis, everyone wants to be just like them and feel equally attractive, healthy and happy. It is the desire to achieve often impossible ideals that pushes consumers to try various solutions.


Many trainers use their social media to build a greater relationship with their clients. After the last Facebook scandal, when the data of people running company profiles on Facebook was made public, many famous people from the world of fitness lost their credibility due to the fact that the content published on their behalf was created by third parties. It caused the outflow of fans, as well as a crisis that spread at a rapid, almost viral, pace.

However, customers who are loyal to the brand or trainer stood up for them, actively working in all external sources on behalf of their brand hero. And this is the effect of the influence of fit content – emotions, attachment and loyalty. They decide that the consumer becomes a self-appointed brand ambassador and defends or recommends it at every stage. Why?

Blood, sweat and tears

Each goal needs resources, and in the case of goals related to losing weight, shaping figure, improving mood or health, they are drastic. They require dedication, commitment and investment from the consumer. This is the key to success. Dedication and commitment are associated with changes in lifestyle and eating habits, whereas investment… is easy! Every coach or trainer, every sport, diet or even alternative medicine brand has their products. And they must sell them to drive the business.

Emotional Sales

As I mentioned before – loyalty is established between the consumer and the brand or trainer. It is it that directs the mind of the conscious consumer, who without hesitation buys new products that are advertised on the trainer’s fanpage, in the brand’s newsletter in their email box, or through remarketing from subsequent new visited sites.

Each of these products has the appropriate sales background – new leggings in which you will feel better during training (after all it is all about making it pleasurable), new beautiful and stylish running shoes (you will overtake even a cheetah and look good doing it), new flavors of protein shakes (after all, you can’t eat the same food all the time, the diet should be varied – new taste, better mood!).

A product must evoke emotions in the consumer so that they want to buy it. From a more reasonable point of view, if you exercise 4 times a week, do you really need 10 sets of clothes for the gym? 😉

Henrietta Lóczi

Account Manager

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