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How to use chatbot to generate leads? Case study

Chatbot is a great tool not only for moderating frequently asked questions on Facebook, but also building engagement among recipients. The functions and possibilities of its use have already been described in great detail in our previous articles. Today, we’d like to present an example of an effective campaign on Messenger, which allowed obtaining 442 subscriptions to the newsletter in a course of a single day.
Published 05/04/2022

At the end of February, we launched a chatbot for Magnolia Park shopping mall in Wrocław, one of our leading customers in the field of digital services. The chatbot’s primary function was to answer customers’ frequently asked questions, such as opening hours, available stores or current discounts. Right from the start, we wanted users to become familiar with this tool and be able to use it intuitively and freely. However, we still remembered about the other goal set by the client, i.e. expanding the newsletter recipient base.

The profile is very popular, its content is eagerly read by users, while citizens of Wrocław show their appreciation for the mall in everyday communication. The mall itself willingly engages its clients in a dialogue, often organizing competitions and activating actions.


It was no different this time. Thanks to excellent cooperation with tenants, we received 100 tickets to the Helios cinema for the needs of our action. We put two and two together and created a simple mechanism connecting all of the previously set goals:

  • familiarizing users with chatbot functionalities,
  • increasing the newsletter subscriber base,
  • maintaining user engagement at a satisfactory level,
  • promoting the tenant and encouraging clients to visit the center.


The registration mechanism was very simple: the first 100 people who choose the chatbot newsletter and provide us with their email address win. The contest lasted 24 hours. The next day, every person who took part in the action was informed via email about the results. And the chatbot reminded them to check their inbox to see if they were winners of the competition.


The competition post organically reached 30 373 people, and encouraged 1242 individuals to further activities. After 30 minutes, there were no tickets available. An hour after the beginning of the action, there were 243 e-mail addresses on our mailing list. Eventually, within a day, this number reached 442 records.

The action also allowed us to conclude that users are already perfectly familiar with the mechanics of chatbots and distinguish them from a moderator. A few users (about 25 people) needed help in making the appropriate entries. The level of user involvement in subsequent communication on the profile increased by 8% as compared to similar period.

If you are looking for effective solutions whose task is to combine several business goals, please contact us ( – we will certainly find a satisfactory solution!

Fanni Jusztin-Demeter

Social Media Manager

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